Intel Core i7-2820QM Mobile Sandy Bridge Processor

Gaming with Intel HD Graphics 3000 - Metro 2033

Next we turn up the heat a little bit with Metro 2033, which is known to be a GPU-crusher if we ever saw one.

Metro 2033
DirectX Gaming Performance

Metro 2033

Metro 2033 is your basic post-apocalyptic first person shooter game with a few rather unconventional twists. Unlike most FPS titles, there is no health meter to measure your level of ailment, but rather you’re left to deal with life, or lack there-of more akin to the real world with blood spatter on your visor and your heart rate and respiration level as indicators. The game is loosely based on a novel by Russian Author Dmitry Glukhovsky. Metro 2003 boasts some of the best 3D visuals on the PC platform currently including a DX11 rendering mode that makes use of advanced depth of field effects and character model tessellation for increased realism. Since Intel's HD Graphics 3000 core only supports up to DX10.1 rendering, we tested the game resolutions of 1600X900, 1280X720 and 1024X768 without anti-aliasing enabled and in-game image quality options set to normal quality in the game's DX9 rendering mode and 16X Anisotropic Filtering enabled.

We tested Metro 2033 in DX9 mode, just to kick frame rates up as far as we could.  Still, with medium quality and AA disabled, we couldn't get playable frame rates in this game engine on any of our mobile test systems here for that matter.  Regardless, the Core i7-2820QM offers nearly 3X the performance of Intel's previous gen integrated graphics core in this test as well.  We were impressed with these results to be sure regardless.

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