Intel Core i7-2820QM Mobile Sandy Bridge Processor

Unoptimized H.264 Video Encoding

The x264 HD benchmark measures how fast a system can encode a short, DVD quality MPEG-2 video clip into a high-quality H.264 HD video clip.

x264 HD Video Encoding Benchmark
H.264 HD Video Encoding

This test reports the compression results in frames per second for each pass of the video encoding process.  The test is also multi-threaded so it takes advantage of the additional resources afforded by multi-core processors.

Similar to what we saw in our earlier runs with Media Show Espresso, the Core i7-2820QM offers a massive performance kick in this test, which incidentally isn't remotely optimized for Intel's new Quick Sync video engine.  Though it's a crude sort of measurement, it affords us a look at what legacy code might run like on Intel's new architecture, versus previous generation processors.  Here the new Sandy Bridge Core i7 mobile CPU offers up well in excess of 50% more performance versus the Core i7 mobile chip of old.

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