Intel Core i5, Core i7 800 Processors and P55 Express

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Hi-Res Gaming Multi-GPU Tests (Cont.)

Next we moved on to some more high-resolution graphics benchmarking with ET:QW and Left 4 Dead, using the same Core i7 870 / P55 Express based system and NVIDIA and ATI-based graphics cards.

High-Resolution Gaming: Left 4 Dead and ET:QW
Taxing the Whole Rig

In our two actual, in-game tests, the GeForce GTX 275 and Radeon HD 4890 configurations, whether running with single or dual cards, performed surprisingly similar on our Core i7 870 powered test bed. In these two tests, both the NVIDIA and ATI-built GPUs performed well and scaled properly in the multi-GPU SLI or CrossFire configurations, but Left 4 Dead was definitely more CPU bound, as is evident by the marginal performance increase moving from one to two GPUs.

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