Intel Core i5, Core i7 800 Processors and P55 Express

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WinRAR Compression and Image Processing

In our custom WinRAR x64 benchmark, we take a directory loaded with two hundred, 12.1 megapixel image files and compress them into a single archive using the default WinRAR compression scheme. The length of time it took each system to save the completed archive is represented in the graph below.

WinRAR x64 v3.9 Benchmark
Multi-Threaded File Compression Performance

The new Core i7 870 and Core i5 750 outpaced the Core 2 Quad and Phenom II-based systems in our WinRAR benchmark, but the socket 1366 Core i7s finished out in front, for the most part. The Core i7 870 was actually able to pull ahead of the Core i7 920 when installed in Gigabyte's P55-UD6.

VSO Image Resizer
Batch Image Processing

For this next test, we use the VSO Image Resizer utility to convert two hundred, 12.1 megapixel image files copied directly from a digital SLR camera to compressed, 640x480 JPGs, suitable for the web. We used the Lanczos filtering method available within the application, which is slower, but offers higher quality than most other methods.

The performance trend reported by the VSO Image Resizer benchmark looks much like WinRAR's above. The new Core i7 870 finishes near the top, trailing only the Core i7 975 and the Core i5 750 falls in line between the Core 2 Q9650 and Core i7 920.

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