Honor 6X Review: Dual Camera Premium Android For Less

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Honor 6X Battery Life And Review Summary

Huawei touts the Honor 6X’s “two day” battery life and fast charging capabilities, but the usual caveats about usage patterns and other factors still apply. Battery life is always difficult to nail down, but in our own experience using the phone, we were impressed with the stamina of its 3340mAh battery coupled with its modest 1920x1080 screen resolution.

To get a sense of its performance compared to other smartphones that we’ve recently tested, we fired up AnTuTu Tester’s Battery test. The benchmark puts the phone through a heavy load, so don’t look at the Honor 6X’s score as being indicative of how long it will last for you in a standard mixed workload use case. This benchmark is meant to provide a score we can use to compare the Honor 6X to similar phones under more worst-case conditions.
The test features audio and video playback, along with web browsing and gaming.

antutu battery

After struggling to impress in the performance benchmarks, the Honor 6X tore up the competition in the battery benchmark. That 3340mAh battery is no joke, and we can see battery life being key feature for many prospective Honor 6X customers.

Huawei Honor 6X Final Analysis

Sleek design, a great camera, a crisp 5.5-inch display and a fantastic price tag – for a minute there, the Honor 6X looked too good to be true. Then the performance tests gave us a clear picture of why the smartphone isn’t as expensive as it looks. The Kirin 655 Octa-Core SoC wasn’t able to compete with the higher-end processors in the other phones we’ve recently tested. On the other hand, the Honor 6X has truly impressive battery life that is indicative of the power-sipping silicon under its hood.

To be fair, the $249.99 Honor 6X retails for far less than many of the premium smartphones we typically review. As a budget smartphone, the Honor 6X is a winner. The phone is attractive and well-built and is just plain easy to use. It sits well in the hand (so long as you don’t let its slick shell slide through your fingers) and button controls are easy to reach. We could do without the Huawei's EMUI, but it never slowed us down when it came to navigating the OS, which is what matters most.

huawei honor 6x 18

The trend toward dual-sensors in smartphones is a welcome one, considering how much people rely on their smartphone cameras. The cameras (both front and back) on the Honor 6X provide quality shots, especially for a budget phone, along with some image post-processing effects you won't find in many other smartphones. And we’re willing to overlook some of the software selfie fluff since Huawei also included decent tools for shooting (and editing) more serious photos.

For all its looks and features, the Honor 6X remains a budget Android handset. It can’t beat the performance of high-end smartphones, and that will be a deal breaker for some power users. However, for those who want a low price tag on an unlocked smartphone, the Honor 6X offers reasonable performance, an attractive design, a competent camera and great battery life. The Honor 6X is likely going to be at the top of many budget lists.
approved hh

 hot not 
  • Excellent battery life
  • Unlocked, with a low price tag
  • Wide aperture, dual-sensor rear camera
  • Sleek design for a budget phone
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Uninspiring performance
  • Lacks 802.11ac
  • Slippery without a case
  • Some users won't dig EMUI

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