Honor 6X Review: Dual Camera Premium Android For Less

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Honor 6X AnTuTu And Geekbench Tests

AnTuTu’s latest benchmark returns a number of metrics ranked with scores, rather than frame rates or time to complete. We tested with the latest version of AnTuTu across all platforms including Android, iOS and even Windows Phone. AnTuTu returns four top level performance metric results that we are including here: CPU, RAM, 3D, UX (or User Experience), along with a total score.

AnTuTu 6
Platform Benchmarks


The Honor 6X struggled to keep up with most of the phones we’ve recently tested. Its weakest component is likely the Mali-T830 GPU, which doesn’t seem to be giving the smartphone much graphics muscle. 

Synthetic CPU Testing

Geekbench focuses on CPU performance, offering a close-up look at how the Kirin 655 Octa-Core processor handles heavily threaded workloads.


GeekBench proved to be one of the better tests for the Honor 6X, at least in the multi-core test. The Kirin 650 chip's Cortex-A53 cores provided solid performance in the multi-core test during the GeekBench benchmark. The Kirin Octa-Core SoC may not be a benchmark crusher, but it’s well suited to tasks aimed at multi-core smartphone processors.

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