Honor 6X Review: Dual Camera Premium Android For Less

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Honor 6X JetStream And Basemark Browser Performance

We kicked off our benchmarks with JetStream and Basemark Web 3.0, both of which measure browser performance. JetStream provides a Javascript test and Rightware Basemark Web 3.0 test offers comprehensive web performance analysis, including HTML5.

JetStream And Basemark Web 3.0
JavaScript And Browser Testing

The Huawei Honor 6X joins a range of smartphones in these graphs, including performance beasts like the Apple iPhone 6s Plus. We chose a broad selection to illustrate the type of performance one can expect from a budget phone compared to pricier devices.



In the case of the Honor 6X, it stuck to the lower end of our chart. The phone’s performance isn’t unreasonable for budget device, but there’s no doubt here that the $250 price tag isn’t buying you a powerhouse. Not as well that the iPhone definitely skews this chart. We would offer that browser performance in general felt responsive enough in real world usage models.

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