Dell XPS M1710 Notebook


When ordering a Dell XPS system, there is an entirely different buying experience for the consumer. Beyond the system itself, buyers receives a minimum 1-year Limited Warranty with 1-year of complete Warranty support including priority 24/7 access to XPS-trained technicians. 

Upon removing the system from the main packaging, we are presented with a glossy black box which houses the notebook and accessories. Here, we find a clean and organized collection of documentation, software, and peripherals to accompany the unit. Small extras such as an XPS branded leather CD case and an XPS branded carrying case round out the out-of-box experience and are just a few of the ways in which the XPS line is differentiated from the standard Dell systems.


One of the most unique aspects of the Dell XPS M1710 is the metal casing which both protects the notebook and adds to its aesthetic appeal. The review sample we were provided featured the Special Edition Formula Red casing. Here, the XPS logos featured on the back panel are also illuminated in your choice of 16 different colors to suite your taste.


Easily one of the most desirable aspects of the system is the 17" UWUXGA LCD panel. Operating at a stunning native resolution of 1920x1200 and featuring Dell's TrueLife technology, the panel offers exceptional color reproduction and clarity. Rated at 250 nits, this screen is 30% brighter than the LCD panel featured on the previous generation XPS notebook. Focusing our attention on the front of the system, we find a series of multimedia controls and two 2W speakers which are conveniently placed such that your palms won't muffle the sound when using the keyboard.


Another feature of the XPS M1710 which is sure to turn heads at any LAN party are the customizable LED's which adorn nearly every side of the system. With 16 various color options available in the BIOS, the overall appearance of the system can be varied dramatically to tailor the look to the individual. As we can see in the second image above, the intensity and coverage provided by the LED's is impressive.


Beginning with the left side of the system, we find the 8X Dual-Layer DVD+/-RW along with two USB ports, a large air intake, and a Kensington lock port. The back of the system is loaded with ports including an S-Video, modem, RJ-45 ethernet, 15-pin D-Sub, DVI, power, and 4 USB 2.0 ports. Rounding out the right side of the notebook, we have an ExpressCard expansion slot, IEEE 1394 port, audio jacks, and a 5-in-1 memory card reader. One thing is certain, users won't be complaining about a lack of connectivity options with the XPS M1710.


The final aspect of the system to be explored is the AC power adaptor. Rated at 130W and having a size of 2.6"x6.7"x1.5" this is a meaty unit to say the least. Regardless, when you're powering a system comprised of the latest and greatest flagship mobile components, you need to have ample power at your disposal.

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