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Startup Performance


Startup Performance
Powering Up...

The times listed below reflect the time it took for the system to power up until the cursor appeared with no busy indicator on the desktop background.

Although far from being the worst offender, the XPS M1710 came equipped with a fair amount of applications which loaded each time Windows was booted. As a result, the system took a slightly better than average 33 seconds to boot. Fortunately, Dell now offers a service in which customers can specify what should or should not be loaded out of the box. If done correctly, the time taken to fully boot into Windows will be reduced dramatically. 

Although having a rather average showing in terms of required time to boot, the XPS M1710 finds itself on the podium with regards to the time necessary to recover from Standby mode. Here, only the Dell 6000 manages to have any significant performance advantage over the new XPS system. 

In similar fashion to the results coming out of standby mode, the XPS M1710 receives another top-three finish with a very respectable 11 second performance returning from Hibernation mode. Here, only the Dell 6000 and Alienware Aurora m9700 were able to best the XPS notebook by the slightest of margins.

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