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Catalyst Media Center Software - Overview


Catalyst Media Center Software - Overview
A Slick New Look

The Catalyst Media Center software is a completely new package offered by ATI.  For over a decade, ATI has relied on their Multimedia Center software suite to handle all of its TV, Radio, DVD and Audio file needs.  Now, ATI offers a modern, streamlined product in the form of the Catalyst Media Center, which aims to build on Multimedia Center's successes while bring new life to its aging interface.


The main screen is broken down into six key segments including TV, DVD, Video, Radio, Extras and Settings.  The TV menu offers video input control, access to TV recordings and scheduling along with program listings and advanced settings.  The DVD menu is rather straight forward, launching a DVD when selected.  The Video section manages all recorded video as well as scanning, sharing and burning videos to DVD.


The Radio menu is home to the FM tuner's options, including station presets and management, advanced settings as well as recording options.  Under the Settings menu we find a collection of advanced options for all aspects of the Catalyst Media Center.  Advanced TV, DVD, Video and Radio options are all available in a single location for easy performance and preference adjustment.  From picture and audio quality to screen aspect ratio and recording settings, are all covered as we will outline in further detail on the next page.

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