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Image Quality Samples and FM Reception


Image Quality Samples and FM Reception
Looking Good

Demonstrating image quality can be tricky, with a number of variables to consider, including camera, monitor type, screen resolution and the user's opinion.  Several screen shots are provided below as a reference, but we feel they do not truly show just how good the image quality is with the Theater 650 Pro.  Nonetheless, we've pulled together a few samples taken with what we felt were the best settings enabled for both Analog and Digital TV signal.

  Digital Signal



Analog Signal

In each image, the quality is very good, with sharp detail and great color.  Rather than trying to see just how good image quality is, however, take note at how good the analog images look when compared to the digital samples.  If it weren't for the labels at the top of each set of samples, determining the analog from the digital images would be difficult.  Once the full size images are viewed, it's more obvious, but still, the quality of the analog signal is very good when compared to the digital signal.

On a final note, another quality item to evaluate was the FM reception with the Theater 650 Pro reference card.  Overall, sound quality was superb and navigating from station to station had a rapid response, with channels loading almost instantly.  We did find the fullness of the FM signal surprisingly good, delivering a rich, full sound through standard PC speakers.

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