ASUS G2P Gaming Notebook Preview



Easily one of the most striking features of the ASUS G2P notebook would be what is known in the industry as the "C" panel. Here, there is a slick carbon fiber trim which surrounds the keyboard and gives the system an attractive aesthetic. Being that this system is designed specifically for gamers, it is a welcomed surprise to see that the keyboard has the common "WASD" key orientation color-coded to match the rest of the aesthetic. In similar fashion, the ventilation on either side of the keyboard also shares the same red color coding which further makes the carbon finish around the system stand off and "pop".

The touchpad of the ASUS G2P also features a carbon fiber finish, though the tactile feel of the touchpad has not been compromised in any way. Accompanied by two distinct buttons, the system also features the new logo for ASUS' gaming series. In operation, this new logo is also backlit by a red LED to take the aesthetic yet another step forward and further distinguish it from other notebooks.

The last key area on the system would be the 1.3MP camera which resides on the top of the LCD panel. Although it can certainly be used as a general webcam or to take still shots, the primary function of this component is to take advantage of key features within games that can utilize the image of the gamer. Along with real-time voice chatting, the ability to see the people you're gaming with takes the whole gaming environment to a new level.

All in all, we are very impressed with our initial take on the new ASUS G2P gaming notebook. Within a few short weeks, we'll be provided with a complete retail package and will be running the system through its paces to see how it stacks up against the other gaming notebooks on the market. At that time, we'll also be showing you a few tricks the ASUS G2P still has up its virtual sleeve. Until then, this preview should let you know that there is a new player in the enthusiast gaming notebook market. Although they have served as an ODM for several of their competitors in this segment, ASUS is now wanting a piece of the pie themselves and are taking this market seriously. Should our initial impressions of the G2P be any indication, the bar is about to be raised. In the end, that results in a net win for the consumer and some exciting times for the gaming community as a whole.

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