Asus AX800 XT (Radeon X800 XT Platinum Edition)

Bundled Software & Screen Shots

The Asus AX800 XT is equipped with ATi's Rage Theater chip which gives the card its Video-In / Video-Out (ViVo) capabilities.  ATi's standard WDM capture drivers are installed with the card, so virtually any Windows compatible video editing & capture program should work properly with the Asus AX800 XT.  To give users the ability to take advantage of the AX800 XT's ViVo features, without having to purchase new software, however, Asus included a few useful utilities and applications with the card.

Bundled Vid-Cap Software
ViVo Tools



The most notable of which is Cyberlink's Power Director 3. Upon launching Power Director 3, users are greeted by a clean, editing interface with a set of fairly comprehensive production tools.  With this program, users can capture, edit and author video clips using a single, relatively simple interface.  Clicking on the "Burn" tab launches EZProducer which also gives users the ability to burn their movies directly to a CD or DVD. The screen shots above represent Power Director 3's "Capture", "Edit" and "Produce" menus, as well as EZProducer's main menu.  As you can see, the interface is very straightforward, and should be easily navigable for anyone familiar with this type of timeline-based video editing application. 

Screen Shots: Doom 3


We won't be doing a comprehensive image quality comparison between ATi's and NVIDIA's best GPUs in this article, because we've done similar comparisons in a few past reviews.  If you'd like to take a closer look at the differences in image quality between NVIDIA and ATi at the current time, however, please reference this review of Asus' AX800 Pro and this article covering the launch of ATi's new X800 GPUs.

Instead of doing an in-depth comparison here, we've got a few screen shots from id's visually stunning Doom 3. The five screen shots above were taken with Doom 3 running in "High Quality" mode at a resolution of 1024x768, with 4X anti-aliasing and 16X anisotropic filtering enabled.  As you can see, thanks to id's extensive use of lighting and shadows, and high-resolution textures, Doom 3 looks absolutely amazing on the Asus AX800 XT.  You'll see a little later that the X800 XT's performance isn't quite up to par with the GeForce 6800 in Doom 3, but the game is still perfectly playable in "High Quality" mode at resolutions all the way up to and including 1600x1200.

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