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Benchmarks and Comparisons With Doom 3 (Continued)
OpenGL Doom and Gloom...

Pay close attention to the graphs below, as we've removed the GeForce 6800 GT for the sake of continuity.  In these next two graphs, we ran the same timedemo from the previous page, but we installed the beta Catalyst 4.9 drivers available on ATi's website.  These drivers were specifically released for "users interested in increasing performance of Doom 3."


Looking at the new numbers, it's clear that ATi still has some major optimizing to do to make the X800 XT's performance more competitive with the GeForce 6 series, but even with the Catalyst 4.9 drivers in this relatively early stage of development, ATi has been able to squeeze quite a bit of performance from the X800 XT in Doom 3.  Without any anti-aliasing or anisotropic filtering, the Catalyst 4.9s are slightly faster than the 4.8s, but with 4X AA and with 4XAA and 16X aniso, the Catalyst 4.9 drivers are about 10% faster at both resolutions.  ATi's performance is still well below NVIDIA's in Doom 3, and it's not likely they'll be able to catch NVIDIA here, but rest assured there is still more performance coming to the X800 XT in this popular game.

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