Asus AX800 XT (Radeon X800 XT Platinum Edition)

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Overclocking the AX800 XT


Overclocking the Asus Radeon X800 Pro
Making Fast, Faster...

Up to this point, it's obvious that the Asus AX800 XT is fast, but we all know there is always more untapped performance that can be unlocked by overclocking.  We installed the latest version of Rage3D tweak and slowly raised the core and memory clock speeds on the Asus AX800 XT until we begun to see visual artifacts on-screen and our test system became unstable...


Our overclocking results weren't very inspiring.  In the end, we were only able to take the Asus AX800 XT up from its default core and memory clock speeds of 520MHz / 560MHz (1.12GHz DDR) up to 531MHz / 574MHz (1.15GHz).  We then re-ran a couple of the more taxing high-resolution benchmarks in our suite with the card overclocked to see what kind of performance gains were realized by overclocking it.  Performance in Aquamark 3 increased by only 2.8% and performance in Doom 3 increased by a paltry 3.1%.

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