AMD Athlon 64 FX-62 And X2 5000+ Socket AM2, nForce 590 SLI & ATI RD580

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3ds Max & Nero Burning ROM

We continued our testing of the new AMD AM2 platforms and processors with a few more tests that are part of the WorldBench 5.0 suite. Up next we have some performance results of WB 5.0's 3Ds Max (Direct 3D) test.

WorldBench 5.0: 3ds Max
More Real-World Application Performance

A number of different 3D objects are rendered and animated in this test, and the entire time needed to complete the tasks is recorded. As is the case with all of the individual WorldBench tests, a lower time here indicates better performance.

This test was a completely mixed bag of results that frankly had us baffled, testing and re-testing to make sure the numbers were accurate.  In the end, it became obvious to us that memory latencies were robbing the AM2 platform slightly of performance, as is indicative of the RD580-based A64 FX-62 score versus the FX-60 NF4 SLI score.  Here a 6 second gain in exchange for a 200MHz clock speed boost and 400MHz memory interface speed advantage, just didn't add up in our opinion.  In addition, NF590 SLI's soft hard disk write performance is only exacerbating the shortfall.  Once again NVIDIA expects to resolve this issue in a future driver update.

World Bench 5.0: Nero Burning ROM
CD-ROM Duplication And Creation Performance


Nero is a mirror image of the issues in Photoshop 7 as well for the NF590 and AM2. The variances are very similar but with a different score scale. Perhaps Nero was a bit less sensitive to the issues than 3ds Max, however.

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