USB Flash Drive Round-Up: Corsair, OCZ and Kingston

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Kingston DataTraveler ReadyFlash Specs & Features


Kingston's DataTraveler line has been around for several years now. We have seen some of the DataTraveler drives of the past perform quite well, so we were looking forward to testing the ReadyFlash drive. Although the ReadyFlash is obviously designed with Windows ReadyBoost in mind, we were interested in more than just saving one or two seconds when opening applications, which is why we decided to test this drive just like the others in this round-up. On the performance results page, you will see just how well this drive performs.

Kingston DataTraveler ReadyFlash
Specifications and Features
Capacities 1GB, 2GB
Dimensions 2.67" x 0.829" x 0.355" (67.7mm x 20.8mm x 9.0mm)
Operating Temperatures 0° C to 60° C (32° F to 140° F)
Storage Temperatures -20° C to 85° C (-4° F to 185° F)
ReadyBoost Performance Exceeds the minimum Microsoft ReadyBoost performance requirements for USB drives of: 5 MB/sec throughput for random 4k reads across the entire device, 3 MB/sec throughput for random 512k writes
Convenient pocket-sized for easy transportability
Simple just plug into a USB 2.0 port
Guaranteed five-year warranty
OS Compatibility (File Transfer)
Windows Vista, 2000 SP3 (and above), Win XP SP1 (and above)
Mac OS 10.x and above
Linux 2.4 and above

By now, it should come as no surprise that the Kingston DataTraveler ReadyFlash comes packaged in a plastic blister pack like most other flash drives on the market. Kingston includes a small lanyard with a ring attached so that the ReadyFlash drive can be added to a keychain.


Unlike all the other drives in this round-up, which are mostly black, the Kingston ReadyFlash is silver. Its chassis is plastic and features black rigid sides for better grip. The cap is really secure, which makes it somewhat of a hassle to remove. We assume this will loosen over time.

The ReadyFlash's blue status LED looks great with its silver body. Additionally, we were pleased to see Kingston include a five-year warranty with this drive. This warranty isn't as good as the OCZ Rally2's lifetime warranty obviously, but it sure beats the one-year warranty of OCZ's Mega-Kart.

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