Lenovo ThinkPad 25 Anniversary Edition Review: Retro Style, Modern Performance

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ThinkPad 25 Anniversary Edition: Summary And Verdict

Performance Summary: After all the tests were run, and the charts reviewed, the ThinkPad 25 Anniversary Edition turned out to be a solid performer. It's not at the top of most of our results, but it turned in decent top-five finishes most of the time. It's not a flashy machine, with its matte black finish and subdued, retro ThinkPad styling, but it is a solid laptop that handily gets the job done. It's attractive though, and if you have been around long enough to remember the original ThinkPads from back in the IBM days, its styling will take you back.

lenovo tp 25 ae 13

The ThinkPad 25's battery life was solid, even with the smallest of the removable batteries, and there's upside potential with larger options from Lenovo. The ThinkPad 25's keyboard is also a joy to use, but some folks used to smaller ultrabook layouts will need some time to adjust and get fully up to speed. Once you are, however, you'll wonder how you lived without a quality laptop typing deck like this. Pressed to point out a few shortcomings, we wished Lenovo offered a higher resolutions display option for the ThinkPad 25 and its audio system, though loud enough, could definitely use a bit more bass response. Finally, there's little question the ThinkPad 25's price point, which starts at $1899, puts it squarely in a premium product segment. 

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On the plus side the ThinkPad 25's display is bright, colors are accurate, and its anti-glare finish does a fantastic job of killing reflections in a bright environment. It's not a standout panel at the price Lenovo is asking, but it gets the job done reasonably well. Finally, Lenovo released the machine just prior to general availability of 8th generation Intel processors, but based on its performance, you'll have to ask yourself if you really need one of Intel's latest mobile processors. The ThinkPad 25 Anniversary Edition is attractive, powerful, offers solid battery life, and has a lot of general design features that make it very accessible to use as a daily driver.

Some will certainly complain about the price; at $1,899 it's not a bargain machine. On the other hand, the ThinkPad 25 AE is meant to be a durable workhorse more than a gaming or multimedia machine, but it can handle a bit of both those tasks with enough gusto for most mainstream users. However, as workhorse laptops go, the ThinkPad 25 Anniversary Edition certainly lives up to IBM and Lenovo's legacy. 

  • Fantastic 7-row keyboard
  • Sweet retro style
  • Good performance
  • Hot-swappable external battery
  • Quiet under load
  • Solid Battery Life 
  • Pricey
  • Display is basic for the price
  • Audio lacks bass response

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