Lenovo ThinkPad 25 Anniversary Edition Review: Retro Style, Modern Performance

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ThinkPad 25 Anniversary Edition: Battery Life, Thermals, and Acoustics

We ran two battery life tests on the ThinkPad 25 AE, one of our own custom battery test that simulates general purpose video streaming and the other Battery Eater Pro, which really puts a beat down on battery life. As we do on all our test machines, we calibrated the display of the ThinkPad 25 to match the other machines in the segment as closely as possible in terms of brightness output. We enable Windows 10 Quiet Hours and calibrating the display to 115 lux via a meter. This allows us to directly compare battery life on a level playing field.

Battery Life Tests
How We Test...

The first test up is our custom 1080p video loop test. This benchmark plays a 1080p HD video at 16Kbps bit rate and loops the video constantly with a 1-minute break in between. A timer log file records the up-time in minutes and saves it when the machine inevitably turns off from lack of battery power. It's a less strenuous test than BE Pro.

tp 25 ae hhbat test

As you can see the ThinkPad 25 Anniversary Edition landed in the sixth-place spot in this test with a decent showing, putting in 354 minutes (almost 6 hours) of run-time with the smallest of the three available external batteries. If you choose one of the larger batteries, you would certainly see a major increase in run-time here.
tp 25 ae bepro2

Battery Eater Pro is a much harder test for battery life and our ThinkPad 25 AE fared much better here in comparison to the other notebooks in the test. Our test machine landed in the second-place spot here with 194 minutes of runtime, again this time would increase greatly with either of the two larger batteries installed.

A Note On Thermals And Acoustics

One of the most annoying things for many users, with an ultrabook that packs in lots of performance hardware, is noise. Thankfully, during the benchmarking of the ThinkPad 25 AE the machine remained impressively quiet. Quiet to the point that we had to repeatedly look over just to see if it was still running. There was only moderate fan noise in our heaviest test conditions. It's obviously a machine built with an ample thermal solution and footprint to support it.

This ultrabook also stayed impressively cool. The only warm spot was in roughly the center of the bottom of the machine and it was certainly not so hot as to make a user uncomfortable if you have the machine on your lap. A silent and cool machine is a big deal in certain environments and use cases, and the ThinkPad 25 Anniversary Edition delivers in full here.

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