Toshiba Qosmio X305-Q725 Gaming Notebook


Toshiba’s Qosmio X305 is the company’s flagship gaming notebook line, with configurations that include dual graphics cards, dual storage drives, and the latest Intel Core 2 quad-core processors. At CES, Toshiba introduced a new Qosmio X305, the X305-Q725, which competes with the company’s higher end X305-Q708, but at a much better price ($2,699.99 vs. $4,199.99).

A red beast of a machine, the Qosmio X305-Q725 is stacked with the new low cost Intel Quad Core Q9000 processor along with hybrid storage and a powerful NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GTX GPU that can handle all of today's hottest games. All of this power comes in a chassis that’s a bit bulky but that has some good-looking styling and curves, too.

Like many desktop replacement systems, the Qosmio X305-Q725’s battery life won’t even come close to the battery life you’ll get with an ultraportable or a netbook, but that’s not the point. Most users who are interested in a desktop replacement system require power, and they know that they’ll have to stay tethered to an outlet to get it. Even though you’ll be restricted by a power cable most of the time, notebooks such as the Qosmio X305-Q725 are much more portable than any desktop system.

In the following pages, we'll walk you through the design and features of the Qosmio X305-Q725 and then we'll run the notebook through its paces to see how its performance compares to several other laptops in its class. Gaming notebooks may not fully compete with today’s high-end desktop models, but we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what mobile powerhouses such as the Qosmio X305-Q725 have to offer.


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