Sony VAIO VGN-SZ150P/C - Core Duo

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Features: Software & Hardware


Features: Software & Hardware
Software & Hardware features...

Notebooks from Sony come with a plethora pre-installed software. While much of it is re-branded, there are a few programs that are genuine Sony.

First up is Sony's power management program, which is completely integrated into Window XP's structure. Few notebook companies offer as many configuration options for power management as Sony does, which will help save up on those precious battery minutes.

Unique to this notebook is a fingerprint scanner, made popular on notebooks thanks to IBM. Located below the touchpad, the scanner is easy to access for left and right handed people.

The configuration program is similar to some of the others we have used. Overall, it has a pretty intuitive interface with a step by step process easy enough for a first time notebook owner to use.

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