Sony VAIO VGN-SZ150P/C - Core Duo

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Gaming on the Sony SZ150P, although in a thin and light form factor, isn't as spartan as you might think.  First we ran the machine through its paces in 3DMark06, in order to get a graphics baseline and confirm the GPUs true DX9 capabilities.

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Compared against the backdrop of the Alienware 5500m, the Sony SZ150 looks a bit emaciated but when you consider the SZ150 is is a full 2lbs lighter at a mere 4lbs, it's encouraging to see any sort of capability within this taxing graphics benchmark.  The SZ150 completed all DirectX 9 gaming tests in 3DMark06 successfully.

The SZ150 is no match again for the Alienware 5500m with its 8 pixel-pipe driven GPU versus the SZ150's Go 7400 4 pipe machine.  However, there are frags to be had at 800X600 res in Quake 4, which actually looks just fine on the SZ150's smaller 13" screen.  Incidentally, overclocking the GPU affords little or no advantage.  We took our core GPU speed up to 475MHz from its stock 450MHz specification and yielded marginal gains at best.

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