Streacom DB-4 Silent Kaby Lake Media PC Build: The Sound Of Silence

Streacom DB-4: Performance and Thermals

To get an idea of the DB-4’s cooling power, we decided to step it through a few quick benchmarks. We are not interested in the traditional performance metrics per-se as everyone’s build out will be different. Instead, we will be locking in on thermals.

We decided to stick with Futuremark’s PCMark8 and 3DMark benchmark suites to quantify this. Both platforms provide temperature graphs for every test so we can see how the system changes over time. All of these tests were conducted in a warm 26C (80F) room.

Up first, we ran PCMark8’s Home Accelerated and Work Accelerated tests. These give us a peek at regular workflows which represent the kinds of tasks the DB-4 chassis is best suited for: office documents, video playback, light photo editing, and a touch of gaming.

streacom db4 bench pcmark8 home detail
PCMark 8 Home Accelerated: 4068 points (Click for full-size)

The Home test shows us the DB-4 is capable of keeping core temperatures in the mid-40C range during light workflows. The temperature does spike in heavier tasks to around 60-65C, but is able to just as quickly dissipate the heat back down below 50C. One consequence we do see is the idle temperature creeping up overtime, though never reaching unsafe levels.

streacom db4 bench pcmark8 work detail
PCMark 8 Work Accelerated: 5276 Points (Click for full-size)

In the Work test, our light workflow temps are again in the mid- to upper-40C range. Under load, things do get just a touch warmer to around 70C, but overall the system is still well controlled. Importantly, we see no thermal throttling from the i3-7350K throughout the tests which keeps performance in top form.

With 3DMark’s Sky Diver, we are able to check out the system under a more sustained and strenuous load. Sky Diver is built around the DirectX 11 codepath and is targeted at low and mid grade gaming systems, which serves as a fair match to the Intel HD 630 graphics onboard.

streacom db4 bench 3dmark sky diver
3DMark Sky Diver: 4803 Points (Click for full-size)

Sky Diver shows a very consistent 55C temperature throughout the graphics tests, which is impressive when we remember the GPU is integrated and itself keeps around 60C. The physics test is more punishing as we see the temperatures climb to just under 80C by the end of it.

streacom db4 bench 3dmark sky diver stress
3DMark Sky Diver Stress: 98% Passed (Click for full-size)

We also ran the Sky Diver stress test for 10 loops. The temperature slowly rose from 50C at the start and tapered off to around 63C after 10 minutes. As long as gaming loads are kept light, and the chassis thermal limitations are kept in mind when choosing components, users should see no issues with the DB-4.

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