Shuttle SB77G5 - i875 LGA775 Socketed XPC

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Doom 3 CPU and Graphics Benchmarks


Next up we have Doom 3 CPU centric performance numbers for you here and then we'll crank up the resolution just to show you what the SB77G5 can do with a top end graphics card installed in its bread box sized chassis.

Doom 3 Low Quality CPU Throughput Test
Taking the bottleneck off the graphics card

Our low resolution, low quality multiplayer Doom 3 time demo test, looked a lot like our Wolfenstein tests, with the P4 EE taking the lead, the P4 560/i925XE system squarely in the #2 slot and the SB77G5 close behind it within a couple of FPS striking distance.  If you had concerns over whether or not an XPC was capable of Doom 3 gaming mayhem, then your questions will be answered in our next time demo batch run.

Doom 3 High Quality Gaming Test
Primed up and ready for the LAN meet

In this Doom 3 test we took our GeForce 6800 GT card right up to its limits, stepping through the resolutions from 1024X768 to 1600X1200, with 4XX AA and 8X Anisotropic Filtering enabled in the game engine.  Again, this was the very same setup we used in our stability and burn-in tests, only in that test we ran a 6800 Ultra, just to turn up the heat on the SB77G5 a bit.

1600X1200 with 4X AA and 8X AF, at 40 FPS, in a form factor that about half the size of your average sub woofer, the SB77G5 has the power to handle pretty much whatever you can throw at it.  On a side note, our GeForce 6800 Ultra driven scores were 46 FPS at 1600X1200 resolution.  You just can't argue with the numbers.

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