Shuttle AV40 Pentium 4 P4X266 DDR Motherboard

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Shuttle's AV40
VIA P4X266 DDR P4 Motherboard

RAMBUS, watch your back, DDR comes to the P4

By, Dave Altavilla
October 15, 2001


Benchmarks - MadOnion's Gaunlet
Video 2000 MPEG2 Encoding and 3D Mark 2001

MadOnion certainly has a great set of tools when it comes to system and 3D graphics benchmarking.  Here we'll stress the AV40 a little more with MPEG2 encoding and the ever popular 3D Mark 2001 benchmark.

The AV40 Pentium 4 / DDR combination shows real muscle in this test. The race is so close that it is almost within the margin for variances between tests.

With respect to 3D Mark 2001, the differential is totally insignificant.  Here the P4X266 chipset along with DDR SDRAM, shows that it is definitely a viable and competitive alternative to i850 board with RDRAM.  One would argue that, for the cost differential between the two platforms, the P4X266 and the AV40 is a better value for gamers.

Finally, the "Gamer's Benchmark" that is world renowned.

Head-to-Head / Performance Quake 3 Time Demo
Where the Pentium 4 shines

In this test, we have the resolution and color depth, as well as texture quality, turned way down so the processors and memory subsystems can "drag race" to the finish, without limitation on the GPU.  The AV40 shows approximately a 4% delta between it and the RDRAM based system.  You simply can't argue with these numbers.  The P4X266, DDR and the Shuttle AV40, are solid competition for the i850 crowd. 

In the final analysis, it is clear to see that VIA has a winner on their hands with respect to the P4X266 chipset and its DDR support for the Pentium 4.  The Shuttle AV40, in most tests, falls within 5 - 10% of the mature i850/RDRAM platform, in terms of raw performance.  Furthermore, we should remember, the P4X266 is a new chipset from VIA.  Optimizations in drivers could very well bring this architecture right up to par with its RAMBUS based brethren.

The AV40 P4X266 based motherboard is an excellent representation of the kind of features and benefits that can be packed into this new DDR driven Pentium 4 platform.  The board has an excellent high quality design and is extremely stable.  With the "R" version of this board and its on board Promise ATA100 RAID controller, you'll have just about every bell and whistle available for the P4.  Among P4X266 boards (frankly there aren't many released as of yet), we expect the AV40 to hold strong in the top of its class.

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