Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review: The Phablet Refined

SoC Performance: GPU (Cont.)

We have a few more graphics-related benchmarks for you here, namely Futuremark's 3DMark Ice Storm benchmark and Basemark X. These two tests are a bit more comprehensive than the ones on the previous page...

GPU Testing (Continued)
Futuremark and BasemarkX

The Galaxy Note 3 performed well in both the on and off-screen BasemarkX tests, besting the other Android-based phones we've tested. But the iPhone 5s and SHIELD led the pack.

The Galaxy Note 3 had no trouble dispatching all comers in the 3DMark Ice Storm benchmark. This benchmarks is maxed out at lower settings, but Unlimited mode runs properly on the Note 3 and results in some of the best scores we've seen to date.

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