Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review: The Phablet Refined

SoC Performance: GPU

Next up we've got some tests the focus solely on graphics performance. The Adreno 330 graphics core used in the Note 3 is the most powerful currently available in a Qualcomm SoC, so we were particularly interested in seeing what it could do...

Graphics testing
Android graphics testing


The Galaxy Note 3 finished about in the middle of the pack in the An3DBench XL benchmark. Many parts of this test are v-sync limited, however, and the test hasn't been updated in quite a while. 

GLBenchmark (now known as GFX Bench), paints a very different picture than the An3DBench XL tests. Here, the Note 3 easily outperforms all other Androind-based smartphones. It is only the Apple devices which offer better performance in the fillrate test.

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