Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review: The Phablet Refined

SoC Performance: CPU and Device

In addition to using the Galaxy Note 3 for portable gaming and in a variety of everyday usage scenarios, we also conducted some formal performance testing to see how well it compared to some of the other mobile devices we have recently evaluated.

CPU testing
Android CPU testing

The Galaxy Note 3 rocked the simple Linpack benchmark, easily besting every other device we've tested. The advantage over the Snapdragon 600 powered HTC One or Tegra 4 powered SHIELD is clearly evident.

AnTuTu Benchmark - Click To Enlarge

There's simply too much data to graph with the latest version of the AnTuTu benchmark, so we've got all of the numbers in a simple table for you here. As you can see, the Note 3 is among the best performers overall, though the Bay Tablet and SHIELD come out on top.

Mobile XPRT Benchmark Tests

The MobileXPRT benchmark runs through a variety of tests to evaluate the responsiveness of a device along with its ability to handle many everyday workloads.

Versus the other smartphones we've tested with this relatively new benchmark, the Note 3's performance is among the best in the performance related tests. In the User Experience tests, however, the Note 3 doesn't fare as well and trails the Galaxy S 4, though it does easily outperform the previous-gen Note II.

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