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The BYOC and Case Mods


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The BYOC is and always will be the heart of every Quakecon. This year’s BYOC was packed with over two thousand PC’s, ranging from only a few inches to almost seven feet in height, and running on everything from 5” LCD displays to 47” Widescreen LCD televisions. The BYOC was filled with gamers playing the latest games like the just released beta of Quake Wars: Enemy Territory, gamers file sharing their programs and games, movie watching, and strange yelling and quirky jokes only those in attendance could understand.

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The BYOC is open 24 hours a day while Quakecon is under way, and even at 4AM games of Quake Wars: EnemyTerritory were full of users fragging away. In addition to the professional gaming tournaments that take place at Quakecon, dozens of BYOC attendee organized tournaments are launched every day of the event, even in games like Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness.

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With the past three Quakecon’s as reference, we can safely say that this year’s Quakecon had the best attendee created case mods we had ever seen. It seemed as though almost every aisle of the BYOC had at least one modded case, with some of the more interesting mods on display here. One system, created by Dohcdragon, featured a phase change cooler with an overclocked Intel Core 2 QX6700 CPU at 4GHz, two overclocked GeForce 8800GTs cards, and almost 2 terabytes of hard drive space.

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