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NVIDIA, Dell, and MSI



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Right next to the BYOC was the Vendor Hall, where gamers were able to test drive the latest in PC Games and Gaming Hardware. NVIDIA had a big presence through their large booth in the vendor hall, running many contests and give-aways on their stage, selling merchandise like t-shirts and pens, and of course providing gamers a few GeForce 8800 based PC’s to play Quake Wars: EnemyTerritory on.



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Dell was also had a very large presence at this year’s Quakecon, showing off some of their latest hardware and fastest systems at their booth. The company had their latest XPS systems running Ghost Recon Adanced Warfighter 2 and Rainbow Six Vegas on their stunning 27” LCD monitors.


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Dell ran a series of contests that included a random drawing for entrance into a 1v1 Quake 4 tournament with the grand prize of a Dell 24” 2407WFP LCD and new XPS gaming PC. The Dell sponsored Frag Dolls, an all woman gaming clan, were also in attendance, talking with and fragging alongside gamers throughout Quakecon.

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Dell also showed off the highly anticipated third person shooter 'John Woo: Stranglehold' at their booth running on an Alienware PC. I was able to play the game for a bit and was struck by how much the game resembled the Max Payne series, with the ability to slow down time and blast bullets into your enemies. I was left impressed with Stranglehold after the brief time I spent with the game and you can look for it to come out at the end of this month.



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MSI was the only motherboard manufacturer at this year’s Quakecon, and the company was there promoting their latest products, including the MSI P35 Platinum motherboard that we reviewed a few weeks ago. At their booth they had a MSI P35 Platinum based system with an NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Ultra and Intel Core 2 Duo QX6700 CPU.


Also on display was the MSI GX600 gaming laptop we first showed you while at Computex in June. Just to recap, the GX600 is a P965 based Merom notebook that has a “Turbo” overclock button, when pressed it automatically overclockis its core frequency by up to 20%. The GX600 was a big hit with the gamers attending Quakecon and will be available in the Fall.

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