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Case Mod Winners & Optimus Prime Case Mod


Case Mod Contest Winners:

small_mm1.jpg     small_mm2.jpg

The winner of Quakecon’s “standard case” mod contest was Dewayne Carel from Modders-Inc.com Dewayne’s mod was inspired by United States Military radio backpacks. DeWayne took a Coolermaster Centurion case, created a custom camouflage paint job, added his own side panel, and his own backpack straps to allow the case to be carried on his back.  Dewayne also created an ammo pack with the same camouflage color scheme and painted his keyboard and mouse to match as well.

small_mm4.jpg     small_mm3.jpg

The second place in Quakecon’s “standard case” mod contest was by another modder from Modders-Inc.com.  It was a modified Ultra mid tower with dark black glass side panels, custom lifting handles and a great collection of LED fans and lights.


Optimus Prime Mod:

But of course we’ve saved the best for last. The talk of this year’s Quakecon was of the Optimus Prime Case Mod by John “Max Prime” Mangus. Mangus’ Optimus Prime Mod was hand built from the very start and took almost an entire year to complete. It took Mangus over 300 hours to complete the mod and he says that the case can even ‘transform’ to fit onto a computer desk.

small_op8.jpg     small_op1.jpg    small_op2.jpg

small_op3.jpg     small_op5.jpg    small_op7.jpg


The Optimus Prime Mod is running two BFG GeForce 8800GTS cards in SLI, Corsair XMS2 memory, an Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 CPU, and an EVGA 680i SLI motherboard. The mod even has a 5” LCD screen on Optimus Prime’s belt buckle. Measuring in at just under seven feet tall, it’s a bit hard to tell just how big Optimus Prime is from the pictures, but trust us, he’s huge! Although some die hard Transformers fans would say John Mangus has created the mod of all mods, he's not done yet and has plans for an even bigger and better case mod for next year’s Quakecon.  We'll be there.


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