Quad-Channel DDR3 Memory Round-Up

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XMP / Overclocked Performance (cont.)

We also re-ran the AIDA64 Extreme memory performance and FarCry 2 benchmarks again with all of the memory kits overclocked via X.M.P. on our Intel Core i7-3960 powered test bed...

Overclocked Performance with AIDA64 Extreme
Overall Memory Score


As you probably expected, AIDA64 Extreme's memory benchmark also reported substantial gains for all of the memory kits we tested using their fastest X.M.P profiles. The two Kingston kits offered the best overall performance here, but the G.SKILL 1866MHz kit also put up some nice numbers.

In-Game Performance while Overclocked
System Memory Affects Frame rates? You Betcha

Overclocking the memory kits via X.M.P. (or altering their timings) results in a tightly packed grouping. The Corsair DDR3-1866MHz kit took the pole position here, but the spread separating the fastest and slowest kits is only 5.7%.

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