Quad-Channel DDR3 Memory Round-Up

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Patriot and Kingston Kits

Next up we have a few kits from Patriot Memory and Kingston. Pictured below are Patriot’s Viper X Division 4 DDR3-1600 kit, model PXQ316G1600LLQK and Kingston’s HyperX DDR3-2400 and DDR3-2133 kits, model numbers KHX2400C11D3K4/8GX and KHX2133C11D3K4/16GX, respectively.

Patriot’s Viper X Division 4 PXQ316G1600LLQK DDR3-1600 Memory Kit

Here we have Patriot’s Viper X Division 4 DDR3-1600 kit, model number PXQ316G1600LLQK. Like the others we’ve shown you thus far, the Patriot PXQ316G1600LLQK kit is comprised of four, 4GB sticks of memory, for a grand total of 16GB. These sticks are rated for operation at 1.65v with CL 8-9-8-24 timings and feature the company’s XTREME Series heat shields. Although not one of the higher-clocked kits featured here, this Patriot kits offers some of the tightest timings and we particular like the heat shield design. These are the heaviest sticks of the bunch by far, they’re the only ones to feature copper heat-plates, and the aluminum used in the heatsinks is thicker and far more substantial.

Kingston HyperX KHX2133C11D3K4/16GX 16GB DDR3-2133MHz Memory Kit

aAnd finally, here we have the Kingston’s HyperX KHX2400C11D3K4/8GX (DDR3-2400MHz, below) and KHX2133C11D3K4/16GX (DDR3-2133MHz, above) kits. Both of these memory kits are comprised of four DIMMs and both are equipped with the same, flat blue HyperX heat-spreader design. In fact, if it wasn’t for the decals with their model numbers and specifications, it would be nearly impossible to tell them apart.

Kingston HyperX KHX2400C11D3K4/8GX 8GB DDR3-2400MHz Memory Kit

With that said, these two kits are actually quite different. The HyperX KHX2400C11D3K4/8GX kit features four, 2GB sticks of memory, for a total of 8GB. The maximum rated frequency is a healthy 2400MHz, with relatively loose CL 11-14-11-30 timings at 1.65v. At lower frequencies, however, the sticks require only 1.5v.

The KHX2133C11D3K4/16GX kit consists of four, 4GB sticks of memory (16GB total), rated for operation at 2133MHz with CL 11-12-11-30 timings. The voltages for each kit are similar, however.

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