Quad-Channel DDR3 Memory Round-Up

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Stock Performance (Cont.)

For our next round of benchmarks, we ran the cache and memory benchmark built-into AIDA64 Extreme Edition. For those interested in more than just the graphs, we've got a quote from FinalWire (makers of AIDA64) that explains exactly what this test does and how it works...

Performance Comparison with AIDA64 Extreme
Memory Bandwidth and Latecy

"Memory bandwidth benchmarks (Memory Read, Memory Write, Memory Copy) measure the maximum achiveable memory data transfer bandwidth. The code behind these benchmark methods are written in Assembly and they are extremely optimized for every popular AMD and Intel processor core variants by utilizing the appropriate x86, MMX, 3DNow!, SSE, SSE2 or SSE4.1 instruction set extension.

The Memory Latency benchmark measures the typical delay when the CPU reads data from system memory. Memory latency time means the penalty measured from the issuing of the read command until the data arrives to the integer registers of the CPU."


The memory performance module included with AIDA64 tells essentially the same story as SiSoft SANDRA from the previous page. All of the memory kits are tightly grouped in the read, write, and copy tests, but there is a bit of a delta separating the kits in the latency benchmark, in which the Kingston 2400MHz kits trails the pack due to its more relaxed timings.

In-Game Performance Comparisons
System Memory Affects Framerates? Yup.

We continued our testing with some low-resolution FarCry 2 tests. Despite the fact that this is a game benchmark that can be used to test the relative performance of video cards, frame rates are also influenced by processor speed and available memory bandwidth, especially at low resolutions, which is how we ran the tests to get the frame rates listed below.

Despite the fact that the Corsair kits featured here are running at the same frequency as the other kits in this test and don't offer significantly tighter timings, they put up the best overall framerates.

OK. Enough with stock system performance. Time to enable X.M.P. and separate the wheat from the chaff...

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