Quad-Channel DDR3 Memory Round-Up

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XMP / Overclocked Performance

For our next set of numbers, we focused on the maximum X.M.P. frequency of each memory kit. For these tests, we entered our test system's UEFI and enabled the fastest X.M.P. profile available for each memory kit. Please note, that a couple of the DDR3-1600 kits obviously did not offer higher clocks via X.M.P., but their timings may have changed... 

X.M.P Performance with SiSoft SANDRA 2012 SP4
More Bandwidth and Latency Tests 

With all of the memoery kits overclocked via X.M.P., the Kingston HyperX DDR3-2133 and Corsair DDR3-1866MHz kits offered the most bandwidth and lowest latency. Although other kits offered higher frequencies, the more relaxed timings necessary to achieve those speeds adversely affects performance.

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