PQI's PQI24200-1GDB DDR2 Turbo Memory Kit

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Benchmark Summary:  Overall, the PQI24200 Turbo Series DDR2 memory competed quite well with the Corsair XMS2 5300.  Granted, the XMS2 memory is very aggressive performance memory, we felt it was a fair comparison to see how the PQI DDR2 fits the current market.  We found with the synthetic test that the results swung back and forth, with only the highest overclocking test leaning more towards Corsair.  And in the Wolfenstein: ET performance tests, the results typically favored the PQI24200 Turbo memory.

Back when we first experienced PQI's PQI3200-1024DBU low latency Turbo DDR400 RAM, we were very impressive with its quality and performance.  The same holds true with this latest offering of the PQI24200-1GDB DDR2 Turbo memory.  When compared to the competition, this memory performed quite well, and even managed to run stable with lower timings than it was officially rated for.  Overclocking yielded modest results at stock timing, but when we relaxed the latencies, the only limitation was the test board we used.  In the end, we think the PQI24200-1GDB deserves a place in any DDR2 set up.  The stability, quality, performance and overclocking was all excellent, and it comes in a bit less expensive than some of the bigger name brands.  We should also note that all of PQI's DIMMs come with a lifetime warranty, so it's a win/win scenario all around.  Priced near $240, these DIMMs weigh in at a very affordable price point for 1GB of high performance DDR2, making it a solid choice.

We Give PQI's PQI24200-1GDB Turbo Memory a Hot Hardware Heat Meter Rating of 8.5...

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