OnePlus 7T Review: Fast, Premium And A Fantastic Android Value

OnePlus 7T Review: Software, UX, And Camera Performance

Setting up the OnePlus 7T is as straightforward as any other Android-based smartphone, but the company does provide some useful additions and suggestions that makes customizing the device to your desired configuration quick and easy.

oneplus 7t setup 1 oneplus 7t setup 2

During the initial setup, before users are even greeted by the default home screens, OnePlus gives users the option to calibrate the screen. This is something that can be changed at any time via the Settings menu, but is often overlooked by less savvy users, so we liked that it was clearly presented early in the setup process. Users can also pick their desired navigation and gesture options. If – like me – you prefer the traditional recents, back, and home button over Androids gesture-based navigation, they can also be selected during the initial setup. Other options for the default font are offered as well.

The OnePlus 7T runs OxygenOS 10, which is just fancy branding for Android 10, with OnePlus proprietary skinning and customizations for the device’s specific feature set. Overall, we find the customizations made to Android with OxygenOS to be relatively clean and unobtrusive and like the direction that OnePlus has taken. The entire UI has a clean, modern look, and nothing is overly cluttered or complicated.

oneplus 7t home 1 oneplus 7t home 2

Right out of the box, the default home screens are essentially bare, save for some common widgets and Google’s apps. The default secondary home screen houses only a handful of shortcuts for a couple of OnePlus proprietary apps to access their community or transfer data from another device, plus shortcuts for settings, weather, and a file manager.

oneplus 7t menu 1 oneplus 7t menu 2

Swiping right from the home screen brings up a quick access menu that displays basic weather information and gives users quick access to recent apps, the “toolbox”, and a basic application for taking notes. There's nothing earth shattering here, but there are a lot of thoughtful options that provide a good user experience.

The entire list of default apps installed on the OnePlus 7T is visible in this default app tray screenshot, save for the YouTube app – that was the only one that didn’t fit on screen. On the PC, we applaud companies that offer clean OS installations that aren’t loaded down with bloatware. OnePlus seems to have the same philosophy, because there is very little chuff pre-installed on the OnePlus 7T.

oneplus 7t in hand back

OnePlus 7T Camera Features And Performance

The front of the OnePlus 7T is home to a 16MP selfie-shooter, with an f/2.0 aperture and Fixed Focus AF, situated in a small bump-out at the top of the display. The backside of the phone, however, features a large, circular triple-camera array, that protrudes outward over a millimeter. The protrusion prevents the 7T from lying flat when set down, unless it is in a case. All of the cases we showed you on the previous page are thicker than the camera protrusion and will protect it somewhat.

oneplus 7t camera app
OnePlus 7T Camera App

The triple cameras on the rear of the OnePlus 7T consist of a 48 MP main camera (f/1.6), a 16 MP ultra-wide camera with a 117 degree field of view (f/2.2), and a 12 MP telephoto camera with 2X optical zoom (f/2.2). The camera app gives users the ability to very quickly switch between cameras (and their zoom levels) with just a tap, and additional options are available up and down the sides. OnePlus appears to be actively tweaking the camera setup on the device (during the review processors, we have already received an OTA update and the phones haven’t even begun shipping), but out of the gate, there are a myriad of user options and shooting modes and camera performance is decent, in most scenarios.

auto 1 auto 2

auto 3 auto 4
OnePlus 7T Auto Mode Shots

In well lit, indoor shooting scenarios, the OnePlus 7T’s main rear camera takes good photos in auto mode. The camera is quick to focus and capture shots and the results are crisp and sharp, with good color accuracy. The pics are perhaps a touch over saturated, but still look natural to our eyes and they have plenty of detail.

backlight1 backlight2
OnePlus 7T Backlit Photo Samples

When indoors, with bright backlighting, however, the OnePlus 7T’s camera falls down a bit. In the shots above, there is a decent amount of detail and focus towards the back of the pup’s body, but a ton of detail in lost in the darker areas of her face. We suspect OnePlus will be able to better handle this type of shooting scenario with future camera updates though, because the phone already does a good job with nightscape shots, as you’ll see in just a bit.

camera view 1

camera view 2

camera view 3
OnePlus 7T Main, Telephoto, And Wide Angle Camera Views

The three shots above show the default fields of view, angles, and zoom levels of the OnePlus 7Ts three rear cameras. The phone was in a fixed position and all we did was switch between the three cameras and capture a photo here. As you can see, the wide angle camera captures much more of the environment and the telephoto camera gets much closer to the subjects without introducing much additional noise.

oneplus 7t portrait 1 oneplus 7t portrait 2
OnePlus 7T Portrait Mode Sample

Portrait mode shots on the OnePlus 7T are available with the main and telephoto lenses. The background bokeh effect doesn’t appear to be adjustable with the current version of the app, and the effect is somewhat tamer than what we’re used to seeing on competing devices, but they are serviceable. The plus side to being less aggressive with the bokeh effect is that there are fewer aberrations around the subject, but the subject also doesn’t “pop” as much either.

night shot 1 night shot 2

night shot 3 night shot 4
OnePlus 7T Nightscape Photo Samples

The OnePlus 7T also does a good job capturing shots in low light. When using the nightscape mode on the camera, images captured in low-light are enhanced and brightened to appear as if the lighting was much better. Here, we’ve captured a couple of shots in a dark basement play area, that was receiving only a smattering of ambient light from streetlights, through windows on the opposite side of the room. You can see how dark the standard shots are, but when captured in nightscape mode, the images appear much brighter and have surprisingly good detail and focus.

street normal

street wide
OnePlus 7T Outdoor Main And Wide Angle Photos

Standard and wide angle shots in outdoor lighting look great in our opinion. Again, depending on your personal preference, the images may appear a touch over saturated, but overall we won’t complain about the quality of these shots. And keep in mind, the phone offers a “Pro” shooting mode (and Macro modes) should users want to dial in their shots – these auto-mode shots are just want users can expect right out of the box.

The OnePlus 7T’s video performance is also good. The phone is capable of capturing 4K at up to 60 fps, 1080p video at up to 60 fps in standard mode or up to 240 fps in slow motion, and 720p at 30 fps or up to 480 fps slow motion. The phone also offers image stabilization (dubbed Super Stable mode), control for the flash to act as a spotlight, and quick switching between capture modes when shooting video.

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