NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet: The Fastest Tablet Available

Our Summary and Conclusion

Performance Summary: We still have some more work to do with the SHIELD tablet and its companion wireless controller, but our initial benchmark numbers looked so good we wanted to share them right away. There is obviously much more to a good mobile device than just benchmark scores, like build quality, battery life, and responsiveness to name just a few thing. We’ll be covering all of those other things very soon. In the meantime, if you were looking for some quantitative numbers to see where the SHIELD tablet lands in light of competing devices—well, now you have them. And they tell a clear story. To put it simply, the SHIELD tablet is the fastest tablet currently available.

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One of NVIDIA’s stated goals with the SHIELD tablet was to build the best tablet for mobile gamers. But to do so, they first had to build a good general-purpose tablet. We think NVIDIA has pulled it off. The build quality on the SHIELD tablet is top notch; the device is rigid, it looks great, and it feels good in the hand. The screen is also very good, the speakers sound great (for a tablet) and general usability is excellent. We understand why many tablet manufacturers customize Android on their devices, and dig some of the unique features available on other products, but we also like the clean, unmolested versions of Android NVIDIA puts out.

We’ve still got to dig deeper into the SHIELD tablet’s gaming and multimedia capabilities, but so far, things are looking good for NVIDIA.

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