NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M: Kepler Goes Mobile

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Batman: Arkham City vs IGP

 Batman: Arkham City
 DirectX Gaming Performance

Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City is a sequel to 2009’s Game of the Year winning Batman: Arkham Asylum. This recently released sequel lives up to and even surpasses the original in some areas, taking place 18 months after the original game's timeline. The game has DirectX 9 and DX11 rendering paths, with support for tessellation, multi-view soft shadows, and ambient occlusion. We tested in DX11 mode with all in-game graphical options set to high quality, at various resolutions.

With the latest Batman sequel, we're able to show you the performance delta between the integrated graphics core in Intel's current Sandy Bridge architecture and NVIDIA's GeForce GT 640M.  Note that the Intel IGP can only run in DX9 mode due to the limitation of its architecture, which, by the way, will change when Ivy Bridge hits in the coming months.  As we noted previously, Intel's Ivy Bridge mobile architecture will bring full DX11 support.  Today, this is what the spread looks like however, with the GeForce GT 640M handily outpacing the Intel IGP, even when comparing DX11 performance on the new NVIDIA Kepler mobile core, versus DX9 on the IGP. Comparing DX11 versus DX9 performance between the two graphics solutions, NVIDIA's architecture is some 60% faster.  Comparing both in DX9 mode, NVIDIA new chip is over 2.5X more powerful.

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