NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M: Kepler Goes Mobile

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FarCry 2

Like the original, FarCry 2 is one of the more visually impressive games to be released on the PC to date. Courtesy of the Dunia game engine developed by Ubisoft, FarCry 2's game-play is enhanced by advanced environment physics, destructible terrain, high resolution textures, complex shaders, realistic dynamic lighting, and motion-captured animations. We benchmarked the test systems in this article with the FarCry 2 benchmark tool using one of the built-in demo runs recorded in the "Ranch" map.

In this test we've pulled scores from a few lower-end machines, along with the Alienware M14x we showed you previously.  As you can see, the GeForce GT 640M-equipped Acer Timeline Ultra M3 keeps playable framerates up through its panel's native resolution of 133X768.  At this performance level, you can easily add in a bit of anti-aliasing and still get decent frame rates.  Note that the GeForce GT 555M and Intel quad-core in the M14x here is significantly faster than the Acer Ultrabook.  It's likely that, since this game engine is a bit on the older side, NVIDIA still has some driver optimization to go through and the benchmark itself might be a bit more CPU sensitive as well. 

Let's turn up the workload a bit and add in some leading-edge rendering technologies as well, next.

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