Moto Z And Moto Z Force With Moto Mods Review: Excellent Execution

Moto Z General Compute And System Tests

AnTuTu’s latest benchmark returns a number of metrics ranked as scores, rather than frame rates or time to complete. We tested with the latest version of AnTuTu across all platforms including Android, iOS and even Windows Phone. AnTuTu returns four top level performance metric results that we're including here: CPU, RAM, 3D, UX (or User Experience) along with a total score.

AnTuTu And Geekbench
General System, CPU and User Experiential Performance
AnTuTu Moto Z

Here the new Moto Droids take the top two position in the overall scores, as well as many of the individual tests. The only place they trailed was the UX test versus the HTC 10 and the CPU test versus the iPhone 6s. Excellent performance all around again for team Moto. 

GeekBench taxes only CPU cores in a handset (not graphics), with both single and multi-threaded workloads.

GeekBench Moto Z

The song remains the same for the Moto Z team, taking the top two scores in our Geekbench results for multi-core throughput, though their Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processors fall just shy of the Apple A9 in the iPhone 6s Plus in single core throughput. 

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