Contract Free: Moto G And Republic Wireless Review

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Web Browsing & General CPU Performance

Our first two benchmarks are what you can consider "general purpose" compute performance as well as web browsing metrics. SunSpider is a JavaScript based test and Rightware's Browsermark measures a browser’s performance in JavaScript and HTML rendering in APIs like WebGL, HTML5 and CSS3/3D.

General Compute - Javascript Processing Benchmark

Rightware Browsermark
Web Browsing Performance

Let’s get something straight right off the bat: The Moto G is not a high-end phone, and thus the competition we’ll be seeing in these benchmarks isn't always apples-to-apples. This handset is competing with smartphones that have much stronger specs--and therefore cost much more money, in some cases hundreds and hundreds of dollars more.

What we’re really looking for here is whether or not the Moto G can produce scores that are acceptable to the end user--eg, ones that do not distract from use.

We first ran the Moto G through some browser tests. In SunSpider lower scores are better (it’s the opposite in Rightware Browsermark), so that 1473ms isn’t the best. However, it did score relatively closely to older high-end hardware including the iPad 3 and the original HTC One.

It didn’t do quite as well in BrowserMark, as it couldn’t even get within shouting distance of the Microsoft Surface RT.

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