Logitech Z560 THX Certified 4.1 Speaker System

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The Logitech Z-560 THX Certified 4.1 Speaker System
High Performance and Fidelity At A Low Price

By - Dave Altavilla
December 9, 2001

It's that time of year.  In the PC Hardware and Peripherals industry, you almost can't keep up with the onslaught of new products hitting the market for the holiday season.  Likewise, the HotHardware Test and Tech Writer Team, almost can't keep up with the volume of new gadgets showing up in the lab for test and showcase.  The key word here is "almost", because we always seem to find a way to squeeze in an article on a new product or technology that really stands out and  gets our attention.

Perhaps, that is a bit over the top for an opener here.  After all, we have to try and remain objective in our reporting to you.  So, we'll tone it down a bit.  Wow, what a lead in... Speaking of tone (oh boy the puns are flowing now), when is the last time you thought about the quality and fidelity of your computer speakers?  Perhaps the speakers attached to you computer are nothing more than a way to audibly alert you to that system stop or invalid command.  On the other hand, maybe you are the type that rips their own MP3s and games on until 3 AM with some 3D first person shooter.  Whatever camp you reside in, chances are you probably haven't spent a lot of time or money really digging into the quality of your speaker setup.  I mean, the real high fidelity equipment is powering your stereo or surround sound theater set up, right? 

If that's the case, I'd like to invite you to "think out of the box" a little.  Think of those speakers plugged into your computer as requiring the type of quality one would expect from a nice set of Bose or Snell Acoutics units you might have in the living room.  This is the framework that we have come to judge the product you will see in detail, in the pages to follow.  The Z-560 THX Certified Speaker System from Logitech, came to us from a company known for their controllers, mice, keyboards and other PC Peripherals not necessarily associated with something an audiophile might be interested in.  If you thought to yourself "Logitech couldn't possibly produce a real high fidelity speaker setup", you would be wrong.  Remember, think out of the box.  Let's start with some details and specs.

Specifications and Features of the Logitech Z-560 Speaker System
The Bass is "phat' but not the price

  • THX® certified 4.1 surround sound speaker system
  • M3D technology provides realistic surround sound for extreme gaming and PC desktop theater
  • Brute force subwoofer design delivers huge, room-thumping bass
  • Revolutionary satellite drivers enhance mid and high-range tones
  • SoundTouch? Control Center lets you "fine tune" your listening environment
  • Revolutionary ultra-wide bandwidth phase aligned satellite driver technology and polished aluminum phase plug design offers, supreme tone quality
  • Feel as if you're right in the middle of it. With our exclusive M3D Matrix technology, you experience amazingly realistic surround sound from standard 2-channel stereo sound sources such as music CDs and MP3 files. Home stereo style connectors use standard gauge speaker wire so you can place the speakers anywhere you choose.
  • 8" diameter "long-throw" subwoofer with wood enclosure delivers thunderous bass performance for the ultimate audio experience.
  • Power and Dynamic Range:

    • Total power output: 400 watts RMS
      - Satellite speaker power output: 212 watts RMS (53w + 53w + 53w + 53w)
      - Subwoofer power output: 188 watts RMS
    • System frequency response 35Hz - 20kHz
  • Signal To Noise Ratio: 100dB
  • Maximum SPL (Sound Pressure Level): 114dB
  • Kit Includes:

    • Z-560 Subwoofer
    • 4 Satellite Speakers
    • SoundTouch Control Center
    • All required cords and cables
    • Users Guide
    • Two Year Limited Warranty

    As you can see, these speakers come ready to play with more than enough power driving them at a rated 400 watts RMS. 212 watts is equally distributed between the the satellites and 188 watts drives the subwoofer.  The set has a relatively low signal to noise ratio of 100dB with a max SPL of 114dB.  For reference, these specs are very competitive to the much acclaimed Klipsch Promedia 4.1 system.  In fact, the Logitech specifications above are slightly better all around for power and fidelity.  Finally, these speakers have been THX certified, which means they meet the fidelity standards set by Lucas Films for audio reproduction.  On the other hand, as you know, specs are a small part of the story.  Let's look into their construction a bit more.

    A closer look at the setup


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