LG Optimus G Pro from AT&T Review


Next, we'll take a look at how the LG Optimus G Pro compares to other smartphones by examining its performance in a few benchmarks that are currently available in the Android Marketplace.

General Compute, Javascript and Web Browsing Performance{Title}
  General purpose workloads

Scores on the multi threaded Linpack tests can vary considerably from one run to the next. On multiple occasions, we saw scores over 700 on the Optimus G Pro, putting it in line with today's other high-end phones and earning the Optimus G Pro the second spot in our chart.

In the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark, the Optimus G Pro earned a terrific score, coming in just a bit behind the Samsung Galaxy S 4. We used the stock browser for the SunSpider and Rightware BrowserMark tests since it reported higher scores. Google Chrome is also available on the Optimus G Pro.

The Rightware BrowserMark benchmark evaluates the web browsing and browser performance of a device. The Rightware test shows a similar result as the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark where the Optimus G Pro earned second place in comparison to other phones we’ve reviewed.

Graphics Performance
Pushing the pixels

GLBenchmark is an OpenGL ES 2.0 benchmark with a number of performance metrics incorporated in it.  We specifically used the Fill Texture Fetch suite to measure raw texture fill rate of a graphics core and the Egypt Off Screen test to measure 3D performance in frames per second.  The Off Screen test renders workloads at 1280x720 for all devices, but off-screen, so Vsynch and screen refresh are not limiting performance.

In the Egypt Off Screen test, the Optimus G Pro achieved 29 frames per second, which is comparable to the iPhone 5, HTC Droid DNA, and Google Nexus 4. In the Fillrate test, the Optimus G Pro came in second place for Android phones behind the HTC One. 

An3DBench XL is a benchmarking tool based on an Android port of the jPCT 3D engine. The app runs 7 tests in total that look at graphics processor fill rate and complex rendering workloads and scenes.

The Optimus G Pro fared exceptionally well in the Ninja’s Garden and Magic Island tests, earning the top spot in Ninja's Garden and the second spot in Magic Island. The phone didn't fare quite as well in the Flower Power test, but still earns seventh place.

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