LG Optimus G Pro from AT&T Review

Design and Build Quality

As is the case with other phablets, the thing that attracts some users to the Optimus G Pro (it's large screen) may be a turn off to others. There's no doubt the Optimus G Pro has a larger footprint than the majority of today's high-end smartphones with smaller displays. When placed on a desk next to the HTC One for example, the Optimus G Pro simply looks big. When we put the Optimus G Pro up to our ear and looked in the mirror the story was much the same: the phone looks huge by comparison.

However, when handling the Optimus G Pro and putting it in our pocket or bag, we didn't feel like it was an overgrown monster device. While the Optimus G Pro may have a larger footprint than many of today's smartphones, it is still just as thin as other devices. This makes the phone comfortable to hold and easy to slip in a bag or purse.

The Optimus G Pro features a black finish that surrounds the device. The top and bottom edges of the phone feature a nice brushed silver finish that extends to the sides of the device in a thin line. The back cover of the Optimus G Pro has a smooth, glossy finish with a textured pattern. The back cover of the Optimus G Pro does attract some fingerprints but they easily wipe away.

Below the Optimus G Pro's large 5.5-inch display you'll notice a physical Home button. The light around the Home button glows a variety of colors when you're powering the phone on and off.  To the left of the Home button, you'll find the Back button. A Menu button is located to the right of the Home button. The Back and Menu buttons will light up when touched. Above the display, you'll notice LG's logo as well as a proximity sensor and the phone's front-facing 2.1 megapixel camera.


The top edge of the Optimus G Pro contains a 3.5mm headset jack along with a microphone. On the left edge of the phone you'll find the QuickButton and volume keys. The QuickButton provides easy access to an application of your choosing. The default application is QuickMemo. You can change the application in the Settings menu. You'll find the Power button on the right edge of the phone. A second microphone and the microUSB charger/accessory port are located on the bottom edge of the Optimus G Pro.

When you turn the Optimus G Pro over, you'll find the rear-facing 13 megapixel camera and LED flash along with a speaker. AT&T's logo is located just below the camera.

There's a fingertip cutout on the back cover of the Optimus G Pro that makes it easy to remove the cover and access the battery, micro SIM card slot, and microSD slot. The back cover is made of a thin, lightweight plastic that doesn't seem very durable, but it's also not much different from what we're seeing from many of today's smartphones.

When placed on a charger or used for an extended length of time, the Optimus G Pro will get warm, but we didn't feel it was any worse than with other phones we've tested.

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