Lenovo ThinkPad T410 Review

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You probably won't be shocked with what we have to say here. Using the ThinkPad T410 is exactly like using the T400, except everything moves along a bit faster. There is little or no keyboard flex, the trackpad is the same (brilliant to use), the nub is still there in the middle, the display still reclines all the way back, and the all-business approach is still in effect.

So, what's different about the T410? The insides, and in turn, the speed at which a ThinkPad can be enjoyed. This is also one of the few ThinkPads that can actually be used for serious gaming. We know it's odd to think about a machine catering to high-ranking corporate suits in a LAN party, but trust us, the Core i5 + NVIDIA GPU combo is a real winner in the gaming department.  More on this shortly.

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Windows 7 handles exceptionally well in all areas with the build-out that we had to test; applications were remarkably quick to load, and multitasking was never an issue. Multimedia clips played back without a hiccup (even 1080p trailers never made CPU utilization rise above 15%), and in reality, there was nothing we could throw at this machine that it couldn't handle with ease. Serious video editors would probably be able to tax it, but the internals should be plenty potent for 99% of the target audience.

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Would we consider using this machine as a business-centric notebook? Definitely. It's rugged, not flashy and it can be used for non-work activities like gaming and 1080p movie playback when you're out of the office off of the clock or perhaps on that long flight back home. It's a beautiful marriage of power and poise, and if you've been searching for a business machine that can handle a little extra on the side, the Core i5-equipped T410 is a good place to start looking seriously.

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