Lenovo ThinkPad T410 Review

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Software and Accessories

As with the Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 13", the T410 arrives with very little. You'll get the machine itself, an AC power adapter and an AC power cord. Our test unit also shipped with a small instruction guide. No extras are tossed in (mice, covers, cases, etc.), which is a little unsettling for a machine at this price point and of this caliber. With the bargain priced Edge, we cut Lenovo some slack. Clearly they were trying to save on accessory costs. But when a machine costs upwards of $1000 and is targeting business users who appreciate the little extras, we would think that something minor in here aside from the bare essentials would've made for a better experience right out of the box.

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On the software front, Windows 7 Professional is installed, which is expected, given that professionals are the target market. Very little bloatware is included on top of the stock install of Windows 7, which is smart given that most business users prefer efficiency and would rather install their own (potentially company-mandated) anti-virus and e-mail software. Lenovo's connection suite is here to manage the Wi-Fi and 3G connections, and a simple overlay on the bottom taskbar is included, but otherwise you won't notice any extra software from random third party vendors that you were never interested in from the start.

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