Lenovo IdeaCentre Y900 RE Gaming Desktop And IdeaPad Y900 Gaming Notebook Preview

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Lenovo IdeaCentre Y900 RE And IdeaPad Y900 Final Analysis

It turns out that pairing Lenovo and Razer leads to some very slick, surprisingly colorful systems. More importantly, Lenovo have put together two gaming computers that will serve gamers well. Both the desktop and laptop Y900 systems have the muscle to provide a solid gaming experience with today’s titles and they do so with durable, quality design features.

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As we mentioned earlier, Lenovo shipped us a complete desktop system, including an IdeaCentre Y900 RE desktop PC, a Y27g RE curved monitor, a Razer Blackwidow Chroma mechanical keyboard, and a Razer Mamba Tournament Edition mouse. It’s a strong gaming package, particularly for anyone who likes to customize their lighting. You can easily spend hours customizing your system and gaming experience with Synapse and other Razer tools.

The IdeaPad Y900 laptop also get high marks, though we think that some casual gamers might pass it over. To enjoy a hulking laptop like the Y900, you need to be perfectly comfortable with a system that has almost as much in common with a desktop as it does with a laptop. The Y900 is a true desktop replacement machine and its battery won’t last as long as Lenovo’s travel-oriented laptops. This comes with the territory of course, in this class of machine, so those interested in the likes of a notebook this powerful will probably have their expectations set accordingly. 
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If the battery life, weight, and sheer size of this beast don’t faze you, you’ll probably find a lot to like about the system. The on-board mechanical keyboard and the comfortable palm rest are perks you don’t usually find on a gaming laptop, and the Chroma backlighting is icing on the cake. Not to mention this laptop can handle itself well with the latest games, which matters more than comfort or cool colors.

In the case of each of these two gaming systems, the deal-breaker for some users will be price. These are high-end gaming systems, and you pay for both the performance and the luxury. If your wallet has room for price tags like these, you’re in for some serious gaming in the New Year. And if you win one of these bad boys in our HOT Holiday Giveaway, all the better. 
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Lenovo IdeaCentre Y900 Razer Edition Desktop

hot  not
  • Armored, tough look
  • Powerful graphics hardware
  • Room for expansions and upgrades
  • Slick keyboard and mouse
  • Solid, but pricey monitor
  •  Price is outside some budgets

Lenovo IdeaPad Y900 Notebook

  • Brushed metal chassis
  • Plenty of graphics muscle
  • Gorgeous, 17.3-inch G-Sync display
  •  Heavy, bulky system

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