Lenovo IdeaPad Z400 Touch: Affordable, Touch-Enabled

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Performance Summary & Conclusion

Performance Summary: A mid-range laptop should handle typical media consumption and office productivity chores without any trouble at all. That’s why you’re paying a little more than you would for an entry level system, but not shelling out for a high-end rig: you want it to handle the basics with ease. You’ll push the limits of a mid-range system when you try to do heavy lifting, whether in the form of graphically intense games or serious CAD or video-editing work. With that in mind, the Lenovo IdeaPad Z400 Touch is a good mid-range laptop. It’s not a game machine, that’s for sure, but it has real horsepower for day-to-day tasks.

The multitouch display and Windows 8 make the Z400 Touch a particularly good deal for the money. The display’s resolution isn’t particularly high (1366x768) but laptops with higher-end screens in this price range often don’t have touch. If touch is a big deal to you, then you’ll like this display. As we mentioned earlier, it’s very responsive to touch and it looks good too. If you could care less about touch, you’ll probably find that the display is just fine. Text is crisp, video is bright and clear, and colors are vibrant.

The laptop’s muted stylishness also works in its favor. The chassis is sleek and the dark colors give it a professional look. And typing on the Z400 Touch’s keyboard is a much more comfortable experience than you’ll get on many competing laptop keyboards. That’s mostly due to the space between the keys (alleviating the cramped feeling many laptop keyboards have), but it’s also thanks to the keys themselves, which offer resistance much like some quality, desktop keyboards. 

Given the style, comfort, and performance you get for the price, the Lenovo IdeaPad Z400 Touch is a good deal. Keep in mind that you’ll need to check Amazon for the configuration we reviewed, but if your budget has flexibility, you might want to check out Lenovo’s site for additional configs.

  • Bright, responsive touch screen
  • Performance for everyday tasks
  • Stylish, sturdy chassis
  • Comfortable keyboard
  • Battery life isn't great
  • Sub-par gaming performance
  • One USB 3.0 port, only 3 total USB ports

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