Lenovo IdeaPad Z400 Touch: Affordable, Touch-Enabled

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Battery Life

Battery life is always a big deal for a laptop, but it’s a little less important in a mid-range laptop that’s probably going to be spending most of its life near a power outlet. The Lenovo IdeaPad Z400 Touch is equipped with a 4-Cell Li-Ion, 48Whr battery that will get you through short excursions. Don’t count on it for all-day conferences, though. The adapter is very small and never got hot during our testing – in fact, it never seemed to get hotter than room temperature.

Battery Eater Pro
Battery Life Testing

We put the Z400 Touch through two tests. Battery Eater Pro is designed to tax a laptop’s resources to shed some light on how long the laptop’s battery can stand up to heavy use. Our web browsing test, on the other hand, is very light duty: we direct the browser to a page that has typical web page elements and refresh the page regularly until the battery slowly grinds to a halt.

Battery Eater really punished the Z400 Touch, making the system cry “Uncle” in only 93 minutes. But the laptop redeemed itself when faced with the web browsing test, putting up a strong 6.5 hours of surfing. That’s good news for anyone looking at the Z400 Touch as an everyday laptop, but it won't last as long  unthethered as machines that include larger, higher-capacity batteries.

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